Virtualisation Clouds

Work Anytime from Anywhere on Any Device.

Facilitating enterprise mobility - making both business & people more productive and more agile.

Virtualisation Clouds

Much is discussed in the media, by vendors, analysts, bloggers and industry luminaries alike in relation to “The Cloud”. But what does it all actually mean.

Citrix focus their observation on the holistic view that the new cloud era brings freedom, flexibility and choice both for the individual and Business IT. They see it as empowering people to gain a better work and life balance, making both individuals and business more productive. Regardless of where they are, what device they are using or what applications or data they need to get their job done.

Cloud solutions enable IT transformations for organisations that facilitating mobile workstyles for individuals while retaining the robust security and control that enterprise IT and business demands.

For ease of explanation we can define Clouds into three distinct categories.

Personal Clouds

Personal Clouds are all about people, empowering and enabling them to work and collaborate from any location at any time and on any device. IT does not own Personal Clouds, these represent the devices, applications, data, contacts and locations unique to each individual. The role of IT is to make this unique cloud of assets available anywhere at anytime on any device.

Private Clouds

Private Clouds cover the broad mix of applications, data and users necessary for any organisation to function both effectively and securely. They are critical in allowing IT to centralise and manage applications and desktops and then deliver them as an on demand service to any device while maintaining the high levels of security and control required.

Public Clouds

Public Clouds offer organisations additional functionality or service options which are outside their own infrastructure, these provide them with infinite possibilities and expandability as an on demand service.

Due principally to licencing restrictions, deployments of CAD applications are normally based on Private Clouds for the organisation which service Personal Clouds for the individual. It is not uncommon for such deployments to additionally include some Public Cloud functionality, like Cloud Rendering or Mail services (Microsoft Office 365). This mixed Cloud deployment is normally referred to as a Hybrid Cloud solution.

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