Virtualisation CAD

Workstation comparable performance over the WAN.

3D CAD app’s virtualised for remote users enabling greater levels of collaboration.

Virtualisation CAD

Traditionally CAD users have been excluded from corporate IT virtualisation strategies, due to the performance issues associated with such resource hungry applications.

This has now changed - improvements from Citrix within the virtualisation platform coupled with the specialist optimisation and customisation skills developed by our engineering team mean workstation comparable performance for CAD users is now a reality, even over the WAN.

Acknowledgement of this fact has been seen from Autodesk who have changed their licencing restrictions relating to virtualisation and added “The Suites” to their growing list of products supported on the Citrix platform.

Virtualised CAD solutions are not only now possible, they are infinitely practical. By centralising resources at the server(s) or Data Centre they become available to users on demand. Utilisation of resources is therefore vastly improved and leads to a significant reduction in the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and measurable improvements in Return on Investment (ROI).

In typical workstation deployments of AutoCAD you would expect to see a 1Gb GPU card in each device, this would likely be increased to 2Gb for a Revit workstation. In virtualised deployments we can scale GPU deployment at a mere 0.25Gb per Revit user.

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