Services Troubleshooting

Limited support available from your application or virtualisation platform vendor.

Identification, remedial action and ongoing support from the global experts.

Services Troubleshooting

Many organisations have in house IT departments with expertise in a range of services and technologies, in some cases this includes virtualisation knowledge or experience. It is for that reason that some clients feel comfortable to embark on CAD virtualisation projects themselves. Many clients who do this run into significant performance and scalability issues, finding the level of support offered by the application or virtualisation platform vendor of limited assistance.

To that end we offer a comprehensive Troubleshooting Support service to assist with identifying and fixing issues with CAD application and Citrix performance. This can be supplied on an ad hoc basis but normally leads to us providing ongoing support under contract. This service is available to all Autodesk and Citrix Channel Partners and the wider Autodesk product user community.

It is important to note that CAD applications are particularly resource hungry and need extensive optimisation and customisation to perform effectively in a virtualised environment. The complexity of such deployments normally means that failure to engage with us at an early stage will undoubtedly lead to additional costs, discontent users and significant delays in realising the undoubted benefits of virtualisation.

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