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Experienced and Professional Project Management.

Our Prince 2 qualified team will ensure your projects success.

Services Project Management

The complexities surrounding CAD virtualisation and the potential negative impact of a poorly executed plan mean that most clients utilise our experienced Project Management Team. Our Prince 2 qualified team will ensure not only the overall success of the virtualisation project but of equal importance the projects completion in line with the agreed timescales and to the agreed budgets.

During the consultation phase consideration is given to the myriad of factors that can effect the proposed solution, this forms the framework for us to draft a Project Plan. This Plan will detail how and when the objectives are to be achieved, by showing the products, activities and resources required. This will include the planned project costs, timelines, management stages and other necessary control points.

The Project Plan will typically detail a staged installation process. The first stage will be a single server installation with the Citrix platform, agreed applications, addons and plugins. Testing will be conducted over a 3 or 4 week period, initially by us then with the IT department followed by Test User and finally Live Users. During this period we continually monitor resource usage at the server, this together with Test User Reports assist us with the ongoing optimisation and customisation of the system. The additional purpose of this extended test period is to explore performance parameters for remote users accessing the solution over the Wide Area Network (WAN) and to determine if and where WAN optimisation tools may be utilised.

Stage two will see the Project Roll Out typically by department, branch or site. This is carefully managed with continued monitoring, testing, optimisation and customisation until project completion and client sign off. Our remote monitoring continues as part of our Support Contract (SLA).

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