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Services Consulting

Since 2008 we have been actively involved in the deployment of CAD applications in virtualised environments. The experience gained during this period has covered numerous clients, varying infrastructures and a host of 3rd party applications, plugins and addons. We have successfully deployed virtualised CAD applications to more users than any other company, we currently support thousands of users globally in live production environments.

We offer full pre sales consultation and professional services to assist with scoping out these complex solutions including server specification and recommendation.

To ensure the success of any virtualised CAD deployment there is a variety of factors that must be considered during the consultation phase, not withstanding the complexities of the individual CAD applications themselves.

For a typical organisation this will encompass a variety of legacy hardware and network infrastructure from different manufacturers and a mix of applications, addons and plugins from numerous software vendors, some of which will undoubtedly be in excess of 3 to 5 years in age. It is also essential to fully understand the existing user workflows and their locations as well as the file and model sizes typically worked on.

Only after consultation and consideration of all of the above factors can an effective proposal be drafted. For any organisation a proposed deployment will be based around a Private Cloud solution that caters for the Personal Clouds of the individual users while utilising some additional Public Cloud services. This may also include a mix of virtualised servers, virtualised applications, virtualised desktops and can often also include continued workstation deployment for some specific users.

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