Partners - NVIDIA

The world leader in visual computing technologies.

Partners - NVIDIA

Pioneered in 2007 by NVIDIA, GPU computing has quickly become an industry standard, enjoyed by millions of users worldwide and adopted by virtually all computing vendors. GPU computing offers unprecedented application performance by offloading compute intensive portions of the application to the GPU, while the remainder of the code still runs on the CPU. For the user this simply means applications run significantly faster. For the resource hungry applications used in the CAD world this has transformed the way people can work and made virtualisation a realistic and cost effective option.

The invention by NVIDIA of the CUDA parallel computing architecture enabled vast increases in application and computational performance. The Kepler GPU and the GRID VGX developed with Citrix will see the next step in virtualisation allowing GPU’s to be simultaneously shared by multi users. This will allow virtual machines to run directly on the GPU while virtualising the GPU through the hypervisor.

IMSCAD work extensively with NVIDIA, providing performance testing for their GRID K2 GPU cards with Autodesk applications (Revit/Inventor). Our experience with 3D CAD and graphical applications from a variety of vendors, makes us the ideal partner to assist with detailed analysis and functionality testing for applications on their new Visual Computing Appliance (VCA).

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