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Work and Play in High Resolution

Partners - Intel

Experience visual perfection with Intel® HD Graphics, Iris™ graphics1, and Iris™ Pro graphics2. Watch captivating 4k video on multiplescreens, edit photos and videos like a professional, and immerse yourself in vividly rendered, seamless 3D gameplay. Intel HD graphics and Iris graphics are built in to Intel® CoreTM processors, bringing stunning visuals to thinner and lighter portable devices, like Notebook 2 in 1s, portable All-in-Ones, and desktop computers.

If you need more processing power, the Intel® Xeon® processor E3 v4 family with integrated Intel Iris Pro graphics offer excellent performance for CAD and 3D designers. OEMs are now releasing servers that can house many of these processors within a 2U or 4U unit.

This can be used as a hosted solution, where you can centralise your data and benefit from workstation level CPUs and GPUs from the data centre.

There is no need to virtualise with a hypervisor, you have a bare metal system most likely utilising Citrix or VMware to deliver applications direct from the hardware. Removing the complexity of a hypervisor makes the solution easier to deploy than graphics card based servers.

As these GPUs are improved you will only see great performance get even better.

1. IrisTM graphics is available on select systems. Consult your system manufacturer.
2. Intel® technologies’ features and benefits depend on system configuration and may require enabled hardware, software, or service activation. No computer system can be absolutely secure. Learn more at Intel.com or from the OEM or retailer.

Iris-Pro vs GRID test results

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