Webinar – Desktop Disaster Recovery Solution


What is your plan if you lose your access to your on-premise environment?

Recent history has taught us that we need to be ready for any eventuality, whether that be human error, an operational failure, natural disaster or even a pandemic! With no plan in place, you run the risk of downtime impacting negatively on staff productivity and projects not being completed on time.

A Cloud-Based Desktop Disaster Recovery Solution provides a cost-effective option that can be spun up and down when needed, to give your employees a desktop in The Cloud they can use from anywhere.

The days of having an expensive offsite replication on physical hardware are gone. By having a “pilot light” environment, in the cloud, you can keep Capex, (Capital Expenditure) to a minimum.

IMSCAD Cloud and IMSCAD Global’s years of experience, deploying cloud and on-premise virtualisation solutions for AEC firms, means we understand what it takes to provide Disaster Recovery Desktops that give the best performance for Autodesk users working at home or anywhere.

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