Since being founded in 2008, IMSCAD have been focused on the deployment of graphical applications for VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure).

The experience we have gained during this time has come from working with clients from differing industry verticals with varying existing IT infrastructure all using a wide variety of 3rd party applications, plugins and add-ons.

We offer a full pre-sales consultation and professional services to assist with scoping these complex VDI solutions.


To ensure the success of any virtual desktop solution, there are a variety of factors that must be considered during the consultation phase, not least, the complexities of the individual applications themselves. IMSCAD are Graphical Application specialists.
We understand that not all organisations are the same, but for most, this will encompass a variety of legacy hardware and network infrastructure from different manufacturers aa well as a mix of applications, addons and plugins from numerous software vendors, some of which will usually be upwards of 3 to 5 years in age. It is also essential to fully understand the existing user workflows and their locations as well as the file and model sizes typically being worked on.
Only after consultation and consideration of all of the above factors can an effective proposal be drafted. For any organisation a proposed deployment will be based around a VDI solution that caters for the needs of each individual user, something that has become paramount for all organsiations in the wake of the COVID 19 Pandemic.

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