IMSCAD are a Partners Partner, supporting you and your customers to deploy solutions with NVIDIA GRID GPU's.

Why work with us?

The technology is simple but the deployment is complex. IMSCAD will help you through the process ensuring your customers succeed.

We work with you on a consultative basis, guiding you through the necessary processes to ensure your solutions achieve the productivity and performance your customers require. You can engage with us for the entire project delivery or simply for support of one phase of a project based on a consulting day rate.

IMSCAD are ready to work with you now, to get you selling quicker with the assurance that you can deliver what your customer needs. Whether you need a ‘White Label’ service or just present us as your partner, we don’t mind. Understanding the workflow and applications of the users is key to determining the best virtualisation strategy and ultimately delivering the necessary performance demanded by the users. We are the partner who has the skills, knowledge and experience to help you fast track POC’s & Pilots to Production Deployments and beyond.


Our key business activity is the delivery and support of NVIDIA GRID GPU’s and graphical applications virtualized on the Citrix, VMware and Microsoft platforms. We have deployed 100’s of solutions globally already.

IMSCAD has been operating for over 7 years from their London based HQ in The Shard. We have over 45+ staff currently that can work with you. We also have been at the forefront of the development of many GPU based Applications. We focus on providing support for this technology directly to NVIDIA GRID Channel partners, CSP’s and MSP’s globally. While our key focus is the virtualization of graphical software our scope soon expanded to advising on General IT infrastructure to support this. Many more customers require GPU’s for everyday Applications such as Windows 10. We believe we can help you and your customers deliver this technology successfully in partnership together. This helps you get up to speed faster and you start making money quicker.

The services we supply range from ‘POC in a Week,’ Consulting, Installation, User Support, Troubleshooting, Development through to Compatibility for add-in Applications.

Our team’s experience and knowledge of deploying and supporting 3D Design, CAD and graphically intensive users in virtual environments is second to none.

We have the experience of virtual environments and a clear understanding of the Applications within it, coupled with NVIDIA GRID, Hardware and Software sizing, we can offer that end to end knowledge.

POC in a Week’ powered IMSCAD

IMSCAD have a Cloud based NVIDIA GRID platform on both Citrix and VMware that can be used by any CSP, MSP and Channel Partner to run a POC (Proof of Concept).

We have servers in the UK and US that deliver excellent performance to ensure your customers get a great POC experience.

We have access to many ISV’s software and we allow your customer to upload their own design data to test the solution with real users for a few days. The purpose is to prove the technology can deliver what they want and to open a larger opportunity for you to sell more hardware and software to them. The process would then move in to a more prolonged Pilot phase which we can either support you with or you can run yourself.

We charge for the ‘POC in a week’, based on up to 5 Apps and 5 Users, all admin and support included. You can charge your customer whatever you want. We will then hand back the customers to you as a confirmed lead. We can also offer you more bespoke POC’s for those customers that want more users and Apps for a longer period. This will be priced on a case by case basis. This a production ready environment that will give your customer a real experience of the power of the solution in the Cloud. We will be happy to share the infrastructure it is run on and happy to help you realise the opportunity after the POC is run. We can take the stress out of understanding all the workfl ows, Applications and Infrastructure required to deliver success to a POC.

A further option is to engage us to build your POC system for you. We can document and deliver it to a production standard. If you’re a CSP you may want to consider us to build it in your environment and run it for you as customers require it. Saving you time and money in enabling your staff to learn the technology and how to deploy it.

No more shipping of demo NVIDIA GRID units or Try and Buy servers, run the whole POC with IMSCAD.

Please contact us for further information at partnerPOC@imscadglobal.com

IMSCAD Consulting Services

The end to end deployment is complex and you need to be certain of your infrastructure. Generally, NVIDIA GRID GPU’s work well, it is the other hardware and software connected to them that sometimes creates issues.

At IMSCAD we have, through experience, devised a simple menu of services that any NVIDIA GRID partner or customer can leverage.

Partner Enablement Services

All Consulting Services are offered on a Time & Materials (T&M) basis.

1 Day

£ 950

$ 1500

€ 1350

1 hour

£ 180

$ 250

€ 200

The services listed below are available as individual Services or groups of Services as per requirement:

The timescales and charges shown are indicative and assume deployment at a basic level, these may vary depending on the number of hosts, virtual machines, users and application’s being deployed.

Team Training (Optional)


( 1 x day charge/T&M )

Benefits & Target Markets

Lead Development Support

Prospect Call

1hr call

(1hr charge)

Prospect Meeting

2 hr meeting


Qualification & agreement on next steps

Opportunity scoping

Basic Solution Design


Troubleshooting Service

2/3 days Including a report on where the environment can be improved

Analysis of all Hardware and Software, one of our specialist engineers will work with your customer to help improve the system performance. The problems may be infrastructure based or it could be some software based optimizations, but we will get the bottom of it!

Environment Analysis

Infrastructure Analysis : Infrastructure Analysis Report

Application Analysis Application Analysis Report

User Analysis User Analysis Report

END to END Deployment Service

This is designed for Partners that just want to have a stress free life. IMSCAD will provide the ‘POC in a Week’, agreeing the way forward with your customer, providing you with the specification of Hardware and Software to purchase or provision. We will project manage the deployment into production then hand it over to you with a 2nd/3rd line support option.

You will get all Hardware and Software opportunities to sell to your customer but we just handle the services around it.

As a CSP or MSP you gain from us deploying it in your environment and you pick up the ongoing contract, again without all the intricacies of getting the performance right from the start. In this case we would recommend an overarching support contract to cover all your customer deployments.

Each End to End Deployment would need to be on a case by case basis, based on requirements and Application mix. We will normal spend a couple of Consulting days at the start to plan the project and projected costs.

Example process of the Engagement to Deployment - Lead Development

Prospect Call

1hr call

Qualification & agreement on next steps

Prospect Meeting

Qualification & agreement on next steps

Opportunity scoping

Basic Solution Design Document

Environment Analysis

Infrastructure Analysis

Infrastructure Analysis Report

Application Analysis

Application Analysis Report

User Analysis

User Analysis Report

Solution Design

Hardware & Infra Design

Physical & Virtual Infrastructure Design

Build & Installation

Install Pilot/Production

Stand-Up of Environment

Image Builds

Image Build


Optimised Environment & Applications

NetScaler Install

NetScaler Stand-Up


Stand-Up Monitoring

Testing & Tweaking

Management of Testing

Test Plan & System Tweaking

Roll Out Plan

Roll Out Plan

Ongoing Support Contract

IMSCAD provide you a general support contract based on T & M to cover customer deployments.

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